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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is reaching out to the public to gather input on various aspects of waterfowl hunting. In an effort to collect valuable information, the DNR will be conducting a general waterfowl-hunter survey. This survey will focus on gathering hunter opinions on two key topics: the possibility of an early September teal season and the state’s three-tier hunting-zone system.

The DNR conducts these surveys approximately every three years to ensure that they have the most up-to-date data and feedback from waterfowl hunters. This information is crucial for making informed decisions regarding hunting regulations and management practices.

To gather the necessary input, the DNR will be mailing out 4,000 survey postcards to randomly selected waterfowl hunters who purchased state duck stamps last year. These hunters have been chosen to represent a diverse range of perspectives and experiences within the waterfowl hunting community.

The early teal season is one of the topics that the DNR is particularly interested in gathering feedback on. This potential season would take place in September and would provide an additional hunting opportunity for teal enthusiasts. The DNR wants to gauge public opinion on this proposal and determine if it aligns with the desires and needs of the waterfowl hunting community.

Additionally, the DNR is seeking input on the state’s three-tier hunting-zone system. This system divides the state into three distinct zones, each with its own hunting regulations and season dates. The DNR wants to understand how hunters feel about this system and if any changes or adjustments are necessary.

The DNR encourages all waterfowl hunters who receive the survey postcards to participate and share their opinions. This is an opportunity for hunters to have a direct impact on the future of waterfowl hunting in Minnesota. The feedback received will be carefully considered and used to inform decision-making processes.

Participating in the survey is a way for hunters to contribute to the sustainable management of waterfowl populations and ensure the long-term viability of hunting opportunities in the state. The DNR values the input of the public and recognizes the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives into their decision-making processes.

In conclusion, the Minnesota DNR is seeking public input on an early teal hunt and the state’s three-tier hunting-zone system through a comprehensive survey. Waterfowl hunters are encouraged to participate and share their opinions to help shape the future of waterfowl hunting in Minnesota.

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